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When Pizza in the Neighbor Hood was just a thought and a vision it was always to stand for Non-Violence & the Power of Education. Our dining room has 32 hand painted oil paintings of historical figures surrounding the dining room. Each picture has a significant story behind it. The goal of the artwork is to hopefully educate and start some conversations about some complex social issues while enjoying delicious food. We want to create an open dialogue and raise awareness.

It really is a beautiful thing when young kids come in and learn about each person on our wall.

It is so important today we come together as a community and support each other during these difficult time. Let’s educate our kids about our history and their culture so they can be empowered. They are the future.

We started a Saturday club called The Off the Wall Club. Once a month on a Saturday we spotlight someone from our wall mural. We invite grade 6 and up. It comes with a free lunch and a learning session on whoever that person will be that day. They will watch a movie about their life. Rosa Parks was one Saturday, so we taught them about her pivotal role in the Montgomery bus boycott. The movie they watched was The Rosa Parks Story.

Pizza In The Neighbor Hood believes in second chances. We are committed to hiring the best person for the job.

We Take pride from Our Core Values.